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Software Engineering

What is software testing?

The practice of analyzing and validating that a software product or program accomplishes what it is designed to do is known as software testing. The advantages of testing include bug prevention, reduced development costs, and improved performance.


What is test automation?

The practice of employing automation tools to manage test data, perform tests, and evaluate test results in order to enhance software quality is known as test automation. When done correctly, it eliminates many of the manual needs of the testing lifecycle.


  • QA Analyst/Trainee Tester(Fresher)

  • QA Analyst/Software Tester 

  • QA Analyst 

  • Software Test Engineer

  • QA Team Coordinator

  • Test Manager

  • Senior Test Manager

  • QA Automation Testing Engineer

  • Performance Tester

  • QA Analyst

  • Automated Software tester

Why is software engineering important?

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How To Choose The Right Bootcamp For You 

What is a coding bootcamp?


A coding boot camp is a rigorous training program that teaches beginners to code while also providing them with the practical skills needed to acquire a computer job.


Coding bootcamps often last a few months, whereas colleges require four or more years. Students who attend coding bootcamps are put in more intensive employment than those who attend college or institutions. Bootcamps teach you more than just how to write essays and study for examinations. Students will gain real-world skills necessary for success in the tech industry.

Price Comparisons:

College: Over $100, 000

Bootcamps: Approximately $20,000

TechCircle: $7,500


Things to consider when choosing the right bootcamp for you


What languages and materials are you interested in learning?


   There are numerous coding languages, and each bootcamp is unique. We utilize Java at TechCircle. Java is a programming language that is used to create applications and platforms for computers, laptops, game consoles, Blu-ray players, automobile navigation systems, medical monitoring devices, parking meters, lottery terminals, and smartphones. It is one of the simplest languages to learn and simply transfers from one computer system to another. Because Java teaches new programmers how to think like a programmer, it is one of the most popular languages taught in many Computer Science programs. The majority of the financial software used by Citigroup and Barclays is Java-based. Coding is a challenging skill to master, which is why we at TechCircle provide as much assistance to our students as possible. We assist students before, after, and during lessons. Some students frequently arrive early to discuss concerns or complications with their coding. We are also ready to assist on days when there are no courses. It is essential to have a supportive and helpful team when learning a new language.


Here is what you will learn at TechCircle:


  • Database SQL

  • Test Automation

  • Computer Networking

  • Introduction to Unix

  • Manual Testing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Selenium WebDriver

  • Cucumber BDD

  • Rest API - Services Testing

  • Java programming

  • GitHub

  • Jenkins CICD

  • TestNG

  • jUnit

  • Jira Project Management Tool

  • GSuite

Your learning preferences:


   Many students have diverse learning styles. It is crucial to choose the appropriate bootcamp for you depending on how you learn best. Do you enjoy working in groups? Do you prefer self-directed learning? Do you prefer face-to-face or online classes? Do you enjoy being put to the test?


  Most bootcamps prefer interactive work in order for students to learn more and meet new people in their cohort. Some bootcamps consist entirely of you and your computer, with no interaction work. Many boot camps provide both online and in-person training.

In the end, selecting the best bootcamp comes down to personal choice and learning prefrences. To learn more about a certain program in which you are interested, If you want to learn more about a certain program, be sure to contact them and visit their website. Attend career fairs and learn about what botocamps have to offer. Participate in information sessions.  We have an information session once a month at TechCircle, both online and in-person, so that people can learn about what we have to offer.


The program schedule

  The most significant factor to consider when selecting a bootcamp is if it will fit into your schedule. Most bootcamps are quite demanding, so you will need to devote a significant amount of time to learning the content. Each week, you will have around 10 hours of class time plus your time studying and mastering the content.

  Bootcamps are an investment, so picking the perfect one for your schedule is important. Bootcamps are not designed to be easy, and you should expect to devote a considerable amount of your time to them for as long as possible. Fitting in a bootcamp that is unreasonable and impossible to fit into your schedule is probably not the best option.

How will you pay for  your bootcamp?

    In 2020, the average bootcamp tuition was around $13,500. It is a lot of money, but most students who graduate get high-paying jobs. College takes four years, costs $100,000 or more, and most students do not find high-paying jobs after graduation.

  Having said that, not everyone can afford to pay for a bootcamp upfront. Financing plans are excellent and are available at many bootcamps. We provide a financing option at TechCircle to make it simpler for our students to invest in a new life for themselves.


Benefits of joining TechCircle:

Obtaining Interview Assistance:


  It is essential to understand the material at a coding bootcamp, but it is also critical to be prepared for interviews so that you can apply for jobs. At TechCircle, we provide one-on-one interview coaching to all of our students so that they are prepared for interviews after they complete their program.


  Learning environment/community:


  It is essential to consider the individuals that will be around you when selecting a coding bootcamp. Everyone at Techcircle is kind and helpful. Students will frequently form study groups and come in before classes to discuss content. Here, students form lifelong connections. We provide complete support to both online and in-person students.

Lifetime “membership”

Unlimited Access to learning


  Many boot camps have an 18-month deadline once students complete the program, after which they are free to return and get any additional assistance. All of our students are invited to return to TechCircle whenever they want for as long as they need. Students typically return to review material, get further interview assistance, and many come in with computers to work after they get jobs. 


TechCircle Stats

92% of students always find jobs

Average starting salary $102,000


Why should you attend TechCircles bootcamp?


  After completing our program, 92 percent of our graduates were able to secure employment. Most make six figures and are only getting started! As previously noted, we also assist with interviews. When looking for employment, having a one-on-one is essential, and we provide that for our students. As previously stated, we have a lifetime "membership," which means that after you pay and complete our lessons, you are free to return whenever you want. You may retake any classes in which you believe you require more review. You may return here to complete your work, ask questions, receive assistance applying for a different job, and much more. We also provide both online and in-person services. Our program is available to anybody from anywhere in the world. We work hard at TechCircle to ensure that all of our students succeed.


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