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TechCircle Career Boost

The job market for recent computer science graduates has grown increasingly competitive, particularly for international students due to tightening immigration policies. As a response to these challenges, TechCircle School presents its Job Search VIP Customized Program. Led by experienced senior instructors, this program aims to equip international students with essential interview skills and enhance their overall job-seeking prospects.
Program Features:
  • In-Depth Assessment and Customized Training Plan.
  • Service Duration: Until a Offer is Secured.
  • Personalized Mentorship: Dedicated guidance throughout the journey.
  • Resume Refinement: Double review and unlimited revisions in line with industry standards.
Program Modules:
  • Module 1 - 1v1 Consultation and Discussion
  • Module 2 - Comprehensive Assessment
  • Module 3 - In-Depth Job Search Planning
  • Module 4 - Customized Coaching for Comprehensive Enhancement

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Comprehensive Assessment

Job-Seeking Direction Assessment: Evaluating individual job-seeking goals.

Knowledge and Skills Evaluation: Assessing knowledge and skills proficiency.

Practical Evaluation: Simulated interviews to gauge interview readiness.

Learning Capability Assessment: Determining the learning aptitude and designing a tailored learning plan.

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Customized Coaching for Comprehensive Enhancement

Knowledge Enrichment: Providing systematic coaching on essential job search knowledge.

Skills Development: Offering focused training to sharpen job-seeking skills.

Project Enhancement: Creating industry-specific projects to bolster resume competitiveness.

Interview Coaching: Conducting realistic interview simulations to identify and address gaps.

Resume Guidance and Revision: Iteratively optimizing resumes with a second review from instructors.

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Industry Landscape Overview: Understanding the current job market dynamics.

Document Proficiency: Mastering the art of crafting impactful job search documents, including resumes, cover letters, follow-up emails, and HR/interview thank-you letters.

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In-Depth Job Search Planning

Career Planning: Guiding trainees in shaping their future job search direction.

Preparation Strategy: Assisting students in planning study and training schedules.

Interview Preparation: Crafting effective job interview preparation strategies.

Senior Digital Programmer
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Coding Bootcamp vs College

There are many considerations to make when choosing whether to learn to code at a coding bootcamp, or by doing a computer science degree at university. Coding bootcamps are around 3 to 6 months long, intensive, teach you very practical, applicable, up-to-date skills, and give you career coaching, but are not usually accredited, so you do not get a qualification. If you attend a coding bootcamp you will need to prove your skills through your portfolio. CS degrees are around 4 years long, cover in-depth theoretical material, teach you established programming practices, and provide you with a degree to show for it, but you will still need to prove your skills in a technical interview. Coding bootcamps cost between $10,000-$20,000 all up front, whereas CS degrees can cost up to $20,000 per semester. TechCircle will cost a student between $7,900-$8,900.

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